Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget Calculator


This is a Vista Sidebar Gadget that acts as a traditional algebraic or RPN style calculator.


bulletYour choice of algebraic or RPN calculations
bulletExpanded and compact version
bulletAlgebraic mode includes proper operator precedence and parenthesis
bulletPercent key
bulletKeyboard accelerators for basic operation
bulletInternational number formats
bulletStatistical functions (degrees or Radians)
bulletStatistical functions (Avg, standard deviation)
bulletMemory with number always shown in expanded mode
bulletComprehensive help
bulletGreat price (free!)

Click to Download

Installation instructions:
1) Download file and save
2) Open file calculator.gadget and okay installation


Feedback and bugs: Please send e-mail to:

    David (at) TheMendels (dot) org


RPN / Algebraic Mode:


                            RPN mode            Algebraic


Expanded mode:
(notice memory indicator)


            Expanded RPN                    Expanded Algebraic



Support for many international number formats:




Four panels of help (press ? or H):



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